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About Us

Moxienotion is a boutique film and TV related consultant focusing on marketing, publicity, acquisition, sales and distribution of content across multi platforms.​ Moxienotion started its film distribution arm in 2014, specialised Japanese feature films. It has since expanded its acquisition and distribution to films from all over the world, with a skew towards edgy genre films and fan-based Asian content.  Moxienotion will continue to bring good quality content to Indonesian cinemas based on the framework of Moxie- Motivation, Opportunity, an X factor, Innovation and Engagement


Nora Mediana

Nora has 24 years experience in the film, TV, and digital media industry managing the acquisition, sales, distribution and marketing of hundreds of content across multi-platforms in Asia. Nora was previously with BBC Worldwide as Territory Manager and was responsible for Digital Media business and sales of Format and  TV content across South-East Asia. Prior to that she was with Golden Pictures in Singapore and Warner Bros. in Indonesia looking after film Marketing and Distribution. Prior to Moxienotion, Nora joined consulting firm Artisan Gateway, and managed and ran various projects, including cinema investment research, cinema ticketing system, and advocacy work in Indonesia with the Motion Picture Association. Under Moxienotion, she continues to consult for businesses focusing on content acquisition, sales and distribution, and managed regional projects such as Samsung Video Hub with MoMedia, and Microsoft Xbox Video roll out in Asia. In 2014 Moxienotion started its film distribution arm and have since then released an average of 10 films per year focusing mostly on Asian films and Japanese content. 

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