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IT COMES (2019)

Tahara pays a visit to consult occult writer, Nozaki, about recent supernatural events happening around him, because he is afraid that the events might cause harm to his wife and daughter. Nozaki starts investigation with the spiritual medium, Makoto, who works at the hostess club, but “the thing” affecting the Tahara family is something more powerful beyond
their imagination. According to Tsuda, an ethnologist, “the thing” is a monster from Tahara’s hometown. While Nozaki and Makoto search for the solution, Tahara traces his memory back to his childhood days, where he recalls a deep forest called “the mountain”. The escalating spiritual attacks cause continuous casualities, and Makoto’s elder sister, Kotoko, is called upon to the Tahara family to conduct an unprecedented exorcism. Will they be able to stop “the thing”!?

It Comes (2019)
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