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LET'S GO JETS (2017)

High school freshman Hikari Tomonaga (Suzu Hirose 广 濑铃) enters Fukui Chuo High School, and joins the cheer dance team in hope of cheering on her crush Kosuke (Mackenyu 真剣佑) at his soccer competition. The team’s Sparta-like teacher Kaoruko Saotome (Yuki Amami 天海 祐希); however, has a few rules of her own, which includes a ban on boyfriends and fringes, and declares that they will be aiming for victory in America! The senior members quit the team in defiance, and it is now all up to the newbies and the newly appointed team leader Ayano Tamaki (Ayami Nakajo 中条彩未) to hold the team together. As these girls stumble through their training, amidst quarrels, laughter and tears, the challenge to realise the impossible dream is just beginning.

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