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SECRET ZOO  (2020)

Stuck in a dead-end temp position at a renowned law firm, attorney-at law Tae-soo dreams of one day landing a permanent position there.He's given a special job to revitalize a failing zoo. The problem is, there aren't any animals. He comes up with a brilliant idea: no one thinks there are fake animals at the zoo.One by one, zookeepers put on animal suits and masks and become polar,bears, tigers, gorillas, sloths! The new zoo opens and Tae-soo's polar bear goes viral when a video of him drinking a can of coke hits the internet! Before he
leaves the zoo, he finds out what his law firm was planning with the
zoo... Can Tae-soo come up with another brilliant idea to save not
only himself but the zookeepers and the zoo?

Secret Zoo (2020)
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